Corona update

We expect that the global corona pandemic is going to affect our lives for at least the next few months, which will also affect the (sports) events we’re all looking forward to. How does this factor into Chasin’ The Sunset?

Rules & regulations
Chasin’ the Sunset is a ride where you start and race in pair of two. This way, there’s no peloton where we need to ride on closed off roads. These factor benefit the race when we consider the current rules and regulations and greatly increase the likelihood that Chasin’ the Sunset will proceed as planned. In addition, riding outdoors in pairs – even under the current strict rules – is still allowed. We expect these rules and regulations to be more relaxed by June of 2021, but consider the current set of rules to be a positive and encouraging sign.

Hotel rooms
The availability of sufficient hotel rooms along the route is a practical point to consider. While many hotels closed during the first half of 2020, nearly all hotels now have protocols in place that allow them to remain open. Our expectation therefore is that hotel accommodations are unlikely to pose a problem in June of 2021.

Social distancing
One of the big terms of 2020 has been ‘social distancing’ – staying at a safe distance from one another in order to halt the spread of the virus. We had already planned on Chasin’ The Sunset being an event without a peloton, but of course this helps us ensure a safe process and outcome for the race. The safety of our participants comes first for us, so we’ll be observing all of the current rules and regulatations (at the time of the race) as the race progresses and while we’re at out start/finish locations or at the hotels.

Registration fees covered
In the event that Chasin’ the Sunset has to be canceled due to the corona pandemic, the registration fee is fully covered. In that case, you can either transfer your registration to the 2022 edition of the event or receive reimbursement – you’ll find more information on this in our terms and conditions.

Are you unable to compete because of an injury or another factor? Then you can always transfer your registration to someone else. If that doesn’t work and you cancel before 1 March 2021, then you’ll still be reimbursed 75% of your total fee.