Chasin’ the sunset


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Chasin’ the Sunset? Please check these Frequently Asked Questions to see whether your question is included. Is that not the case? Please send an e-mail to and we will get back to you before sunset!


When does the event take place?

Chasin’ the Sunset will take place in 2022. The exact date has yet to be determined. Keep an eye on the website and our socials for the new date!

Where can I register?

Do you want to participate next year? Follow us on social media & check the updates on our website!

When is the deadline for registration?

Do you want to participate in 2022? Follow us on social media & check the updates on our website!

What are the general terms and conditions and the regulations?

Here you find the general terms and conditions and the regulations.

Can those who stay at home follow me?

Yes, check out the participants’ page on this website #lovetochase for the event.

Is there a maximum number of participants?

Chasin’ the Sunset is a three day event with a total distance of 900 kilometres. There is a limited availability of good accommodations en route. Together with the good quality of support the organisation stands for, we have decided to limited the number of participants

What happens at sunset?

The challenge for all participants of Chasin’ the Sunset is to push your boundaries and finishing together before sunset everyday. That’s why the organisation closes the overall ranking at sunset daily. Besides the challenge that comes with the sunset, we want to secure the safety of our participants. When they are still in the race during sunset they can use the service of the safety car to reach the finish. Teams that don’t finish before sunset can still continue Chasin’ the Sunset and can start next day. But will not be record in the overall ranking for participants who fulfilled the Chasin’ the Sunset challenge anymore. 

Given the Corona crisis, will this event take place?

Unfortunately, we had to take the plunge in May 2021 and made the choice to cancel the event in view of the corona measures applicable at that time. We are currently looking at an appropriate time to host Chasin ‘the Sunset in 2022.


What is included in the participation package?

With the Chasin’ the Sunset Race Packages, the following is included:

  • Participation in the event
  • Spectacular route
  • Refreshment stations with the necessary drinks and snacks
  • Professional mechanics
  • Medical assistance
  • Live GPS tracking (for yourself and the home front)
  • Tips from experts
  • Official exclusive Chasin’ the Sunset travelling case
  • Transport of your Chasin’ the Sunset travelling case
  • The ultimate bucket list experience!

With a Chasin’ the Sunset Premium Package, you also benefit from:

  • Three overnight stays in three-star hotels at a minimum on the basis of double rooms; you will share your room with your teammate
  • Breakfast and dinner on all three days
  • Massages after the end of stages


What is the price for participation in Chasin’ the Sunset?

A Race Package for Chasin’ the Sunset is € 1.249,- per person.

A Premium Package for Chasin’ the Sunset is € 1.695,- per person.

May I select my own hotel?

When you select a Premium Package, the organisation makes a selection of three-star hotels (at a minimum) and determines which participants stay in which hotels. With our race Race Packages, you’re free to choose your own hotel for you, your teammate and possible supporter(s).

In what type of hotel will I be sleeping?

The organisation has made a selection of three-star hotels (at a minimum), located near the finish. You and your teammate are staying in a double room. An upgrade to a single room is possible. You can book this option during registration.

Am I covered by insurance?

You are responsible for taking out the appropriate insurance.

Can I also bring my own suitcase?

You can, but it will not be transported by the organisation. The organisation only arranges the transport of the exclusive Chasin’ the Sunset travelling cases.

What about luggage?

Your participation package includes an exclusive Chasin’ the Sunset travelling case. You receive it at home in good time before the start of the event. You put all the items that you need during the event in the Chasin’ the Sunset travelling case. The organisation ensures that your suitcase is at the hotel at the end of the stage or can be picked up at the finish line.

What are the consequences when a team member needs to cancel, e.g. due injuring?

When as participant you are not longer able to participate due circumstances, than your entry, individual but also as team, is transferable. It’s the teams responsibility to find a new team or team member, unless the organisation has a waiting list. Please inform the organisation as soon as possible when any modification needs to be proceed, also when you find a new team or team member by yourself, so we can arrange everything behind the scenes for you. 


What does the route look like?

It will be e-mailed to you a few days before the start, allowing you to upload it in good time.

Can I download the route for my navigation?

The official route is communicated to all participants in a GPX file before the start of Chasin’ the Sunset.

What time can I start?

Starting takes place according to the time trial principle. The organisation determines the starting time on the first day by drawing lots. On the following days, starting will take place on the basis of the overall ranking, meaning the fastest team gets to start first, and the slowest team gets to start last. Starting times are communicated on the event website.

What time do I need to finish?

If you do not finish before the time of sunset determined on a daily basis (which may differ from the time of actual sunset), this means you are out of the race. If you are out of the race, you stay with the event. You may choose to either start and finish the route on bicycle, or travel the route by bus. You may also choose to leave the event. In that case, you are responsible for arranging transport and any costs.


Does a minimum age apply?

Yes, the minimum age for participation in the event is 18 years at the time of registration.

Do I need a health certificate?

Yes, you must add a digital health certificate to your registration.

Can I also register individually?

No, participation is only possible as a team (consisting of 2 persons).

Can I also cancel my registration?

Please refer to the general terms and conditions for more information about cancellation.

Are there requirements that my bicycle must meet?

It is important that your bicycle is in proper (racing) condition. Only regular bicycles or racing bicycles are allowed. Electrical bicycles are not allowed. It is mandatory to have lighting (red flashing light, similar to Smart) on the back of the bicycle during the event.

What are mandatory items I need to bring to the event?
  • Helmet
  • Appropriate cyclewear
  • And your bicycle of course