Giving all you’ve got for charity?

Jan Prop cycles Chasin’ the Sunset for Huize Titurel

Testing your own limits during a sports challenge while at the same time supporting a charity that is very dear to you? Chris Hall already spoke about it, and to some it is the perfect combination when they participate in Chasin’ the Sunset.

Naturally, we see it more often: an athlete who takes on an extreme challenge and does not only put themself to the test, but also wants to support a charity. The well-known event Alpe d’Huzes is fully based on this concept, and the Roparun relay race has also become a well-known phenomenon in this respect.

Nevertheless, there are quite a few people who want to draw attention to a charity in a more individual way, especially if it concerns concrete charities that are not in the spotlight very often. It gives athletes the chance to give that one special charity an impulse in terms of attention and finances, which are both elements that are certainly very welcome to very specific charities.

Organising such an endeavour can involve much time and effort, which is why linking a charity to an existing challenge such as Chasin’ the Sunset is an attractive option. We talked about this with Jan Prop, whose duties include being the chairman of the committee of the GP Adrie van der Poel. He will be participating in Chasin’ the Sunset, and is also doing this to draw attention to Huize Titurel.

Side Event: Unique Sports

How did you come up with the idea of linking your participation in Chasin’ the Sunset to a charity?
It was inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic. Our annual cycling event the GP Adrie van der Poel could not take place, and neither could our side events. One of those is our side event under the name of ‘unique sports’, which is a unique event for people with a disability. Because no challenge is too great for our committee, we came up with the idea of having a few people of the committee and a sponsor participate in Chasin’ the Sunset together. A unique event with a huge challenge, which is perfectly in line with the mentality of the GP. In addition, we wanted to give something back to our loyal participants in Unique Sports, particularly the participants of Huize Titurel. They can really use every euro for their construction and renovation plans, which is why we will be cycling for Huize Titurel.

What dimension does the charity add to your preparation and your experience of the event itself?
Huize Titurel is a private institution that does not receive any government contribution, and therefore depends on gifts and donations. They are facing a big challenge to realise their construction/renovation plans, and we as participants also face a big challenge to complete Chasin’ the Sunset. Courage, guts, spirit, dedication, collaboration and perseverance is what both Titurel and we as participants in Chasin’ the Sunset need to reach the goal, and that also applies to the committee of the GP Adrie van der Poel. In order to complete the event, we will have to give all we’ve got in advance and will have to dedicate many free hours to hard training. Titurel and its volunteers will also need to dedicate quite some time to reach their final goal. All of these similarities have inspired us to participate in Chasin’ the Sunset.

We would also like to show that we cannot only organise a very big cycling event with a luxurious VIP element, but that we also care greatly about people with a disability, and that we are willing to make great efforts to back this up.