Chasin ‘the Sunset moved to 2022

Unfortunately, we had to make the tough decision to move Chasin ‘the Sunset to 2022.
We have compared different scenarios for the 2021 edition and looked at what is achievable. In doing so, we looked closely at the current measures in France and at the possibilities for the riders to travel there. For some participants from Great Britain (a non-Schengen area) it appears to be an impossible task to travel to France now, given the current quarantine measures. In addition, there are currently strict measures in force in France itself which do not benefit the export and enjoyment of Chasin’ the Sunset.


We aim for a safe course
Despite the announced relaxation in the Netherlands and the surrounding area, we do not expect that there will be enough lifting of the current measures in the short term for a good and safe course of Chasin ‘the Sunset 2021. As annoying as we find it to move the edition for a year, we want take the responsibility to ensure that Chasin’ the Sunset proceeds safely for the riders and for all participating parties. It hurts our hearts, but it also means that we are going to work with extra energy for next year.


Edition of 2022
We know that the riders are looking forward to riding this race and hope that they are just as determined to participate in the 2022 edition. We assume that next year everyone will be vaccinated and that they can ride a challenging race under normal conditions! In the upcoming weeks we will mainly focus on handling the cancellation of the 2021 edition. Various parties will be informed and agreements will be canceled or carried forward to next year. After all matters regarding the cancellation have been arranged, we will consider next year’s edition. As soon as we have set a new date, we will of course let you know!