New goals, or mainly New Year’s resolutions?

At the moment of writing this blog, 2020 has almost come to an end. A turbulent year, to say the least. Our lives were turned upside down, and events and sports industries came almost to a standstill. Many dates could be deleted from our calendars, events were limited, went online or were only shown on television without a possibility to attend.

Even though we could continue running, cycling and going for walks, organised sports were hit hard, and many of us did not achieve their desired PR, that new milestone or that great and challenging adventure that we had planned.

That is why for us the theme of the year 2021 is not only the annual New Year’s resolutions, but mainly also new or renewed goals. As the start of the vaccination programme is nearing, we are also slowly looking ahead, and our inner cycling enthusiast dares to think again about that great climb that we were planning, and that multi-day event that had been marked in our calendar so prominently.

As far as that is concerned, Chasin’ the Sunset fits in perfectly with the goals for 2021, because completing a 300-kilometre stage in three days is not an everyday occurrence of course. It is pushing back frontiers, and something that is not for everyone. Of course, there is enough to enjoy along the way, and the recharge stations are perfectly equipped to make sure you reach the finish line in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, but in the end your own legs are the ones that will feel the pain and the satisfaction.

And those New Year’s resolutions? Chasin’ the Sunset does not take place on 1 January, but only at the end of June. However, that is not an excuse, because a challenge such as this one requires serious preparation. Cycling a lot of kilometres, testing your equipment, fine-tuning tactics with your teammate, coordinating your training structure, and taking your diet into consideration: it is all part of the game. These are things that serious cycling enthusiasts start with months in advance, so if you cloak it cleverly, you can combine several New Year’s resolutions with that one beautiful new goal!

Will you be putting Chasin’ the Sunset on your notice board as one of your sports goals for 2021? Or do you know a prospective participant who you could tell about these New Year’s resolutions? Be sure to inform him or her, and us as well. We are very much looking forward to it – on to beautiful new goals in 2021, and the New Year’s resolutions are sure to follow, and we will be able to keep them!