Chasin’ the sunset

Participation package

This is what you can expect

You and your teammate accept the sports challenge, and we take care of the rest, from hotel overnight stays and mechanical support to sports nutrition en route and massages after the end of stages.

Packages starting at €1249 pp

Nice to know that you’re interested in Chasin’ the Sunset! We offer a unforgettable experience in two different flavors, depending on your own preferences.

Of course you can select our Premium Package, where on top of a fully serviced on-the-bike experience we also take care of your sleeping arrangements, meals (breakfast and dinner) and massages at the hotel.

Would you like to combine Chasin’ the Sunset with your own sleeping arrangements, for instance because your supporter(s) are also traveling to Saint Leonard de Noblat with you? That’s also possible. In that case, we offer our Race Packages.

Under both options you’re accepting a unique and fully services experience with a spectacular and challenging route. On the road, you’ll be assisted with medical and mechanical support if needed, and you’ll have access to various drinks & bite at care stations that are positioned along the way. You and your supporters can track your progress through GPS tracking, and every day we’ll transport your exclusive Chasin’ the Sunset suitcase from start from finish for you.