Preparations for Chasin’ the Sunset going ahead at full steam!

As you can tell from the headline, Chasin’ the Sunset is still happening this year! This is noteworthy, because for sports fans it’s still a strange time where we can’t attend sports events and there aren’t a lot of ways to challenge ourselves in an organized event either.
That’s always been one of the reasons why we were looking forward to Chasin’ the Sunset, but of course we’ve also been keeping an eye out on the world around us. Big gatherings still aren’t possible, gyms are still closed and international travel is very restricted.

Although the prospects for the end of June are positive in the light of the ongoing vaccination programs, that’s led us to the decision to make Chasin’ the Sunset 2021 an event at a smaller scale than we had originally planned. No major happening at the start and finish, no busy rooms for dinner or massages, which also means we’ll have fewer teams at the starting line.

Riders who have indicated wanting to switch to the 2022 edition have of course been given that option, but because we’ve personally been in touch with all the teams we still have a select but impressive roster of participating teams for our first edition. With them we’re looking forward to the start in Kapellen, and because we’ve capped the number of entries registration is no longer possible.

What hasn’t changed? Those 900 unforgettable kilometers from Kapellen to Saint-Leonard-de-Noblat, and the immense sense of accomplishment at the end. We’ll also make sure that our riders will be well taken care of, from their medical and technical needs right down to their sleeping arrangements and nutrition – everything will still have the high quality level people expect from us.

Together with the riders, we’re looking forward to June and will share more news with you about the road to Chasin’ 2021. And if you’re already looking ahead to 2022 – watch this space and our other socials for more information about next year’s edition!