Chasin’ the sunset


Tips & Tricks

Participation in Chasin’ the Sunset is impossible without the right preparation. The tips and tricks from cycling experts help you to show up at the start with the best possible preparation.

Are you a true Chaser at heart?

Participants in Chasin’ the Sunset are used to quite some exercise. You have no trouble cycling thousands of kilometres a year, no mountain is too high for you, and you have the courage to cycle more than 300 kilometres in one day. You are ready for the next challenge: Chasin’ the Sunset.

Marathon session

The route, which includes a total of almost 8,000 metres in altitude, and the distance, 900 kilometres divided among three heavy stages, make Chasin’ the Sunset a true marathon session for any enthusiastic cycling amateur and semi-pro. And let’s not forget the daily struggle of reaching the finish line before sunset. That is why the event is open only to the strongest riders.


Participants in Chasin’ the Sunset must live like a pro. Naturally, that means cycling a lot of kilometres in preparation, but also taking time to rest and eating healthy food. Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone, and you can prepare yourself the best way possible together with your teammate. Our experts will help you reach excellent shape.


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