Chasin’ the sunset



Do you have experience as a crew member during cycling events or other events? Do you enjoy rolling up your sleeves and working as a team? And would you like to make a success out of Chasin’ the Sunset together with us? Do not wait any longer and register as a crew member!

We are looking for:

  • Building and dismantling crew
  • Catering crew
  • Recharge station crew
  • Bike parking crew
  • Sag wagon crew

The exact date for crew member of Chasin’ the Sunset will folow later. We meet up in Kapellen one day before the event. The crew subsequently travels through Belgium and France for three days.

Crew members can be recognized by their crew t-shirt. Naturally, we arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner, and provide you with a good bed. You share a room with other volunteers.

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